For Advertisers

Why advertise with EMNA?

  • Reach engaged prospects — Readers who visit the EMNA property listings are already interested in reading about that town and living there, because they get there from a link on their local news site.
  • Drive prospects directly to your site — Ad links go directly to the advertiser’s website — either the listing page for a specific property, or the agent’s home page if it’s a general business ad. So there’s no middleman like Zillow or Redfin.
  • Target people who are relocating in the area — The majority of house moves occur within the same city (43%) or state (35%), according to This is why local news sites and EMNA are the perfect starting point for prospective home buyers.
  • Talk to your prospects directly — The EMNA website will soon feature blog posts by advertisers with information about local markets and trends as well as consumer advice.

How does EMNA work?

See our “How It Works” page.

What types of advertising can I buy?

You can buy a listing, which is a square similar to the example below. You provide a single photo and basic information about the property. Listings are priced by the week. When a reader clicks on the listing, they are sent directly to that listing’s page on the agency’s website. Featured listings give selected properties more visibility (though they also appear along with the other regular listings).

You can also buy a business ad to drive people to your website, call attention to a new agent or related business, etc. These appear beneath the Featured Listings on the EMNA website.

An example of a property listing.
A sample business ad.

Advertising Reach

As of mid-March 2024, EMNA has ten local news sites signed up, with more expected soon (see below). We’ll have readership data shortly before we launch.

Initial Pricing

For a limited time, get a third FREE listing when you purchase two.

  • Property listing ad: $150/week
  • Business ad: $250/week or $800/month
  • Including your listing in the “Featured” collection: Additional $100/week
  • Volume discounts: 15% off for 10 listings in a month; 25% off for 25 or more
  • Clicks on listings and business ads: $1.00/click
  • Paid blog posts: TBA (future feature)

How to Advertise

To place a listing or business ad, contact EMNA Advertising Director Eric Benjamin at or 504-669-1710.