About EMNA

The Eastern Mass. News Alliance aims to make local journalism more sustainable by selling advertising across multiple independent news sites.

A bit of history: years ago, print newspapers carried local news and were partially supported by advertising from area businesses. Then advertising shifted over to the internet and newspapers began losing money. A succession of companies bought them out, cut costs by laying off staff, and eventually ceased print publication altogether in most eastern Massachusetts towns. The remaining staff can offer only homogenous regional content rather than hyperlocal news and features.

To fill the information void, people began publishing local news websites in their towns. There are now dozens of e-news sites in eastern Massachusetts that have sprung up from the ashes of the paper era. As before, they need revenue to keep going, but they’re too busy covering the news to sell ads. Enter EMNA, a central location for featuring ads that are both specific to each town while also offering a broader audience to businesses.