How It Works

  • Each participating local news website will have a prominent link to an EMNA website page that lists properties for sale in that town at the top (see “Who We Are” for a list of participating websites)
  • Properties in other EMNA towns are listed as well, and the reader can sort and filter them by location, price, house size, etc.
  • Each town’s listing page has a link back to the news website in that town, so readers can learn more about it and see if that town is a good fit for their family.
  • Advertisers pay weekly or monthly fees for property listings and business ads, plus a small additional fee for clicks. Once we build an audience, we’ll switch to a CPM pricing model.
  • Property listings and ad links go directly to the advertiser’s website — either the listing page for a specific property, or the agent’s home page if it’s a general business ad.
  • The lion’s share of the resulting revenue will go to the member news websites to support local online journalism. Revenue is apportioned to each website according to their share of the total EMNA audience.
  • Over time, we’ll feature ads for home inspectors, contractors, lawyers, etc., and eventually branch out to health care, restaurants, and other types of business.

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